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About us

The Nation's Neighborhood Business Builders.

Empowering socially and economically disadvantaged small business owners since 2019.

Discover why Tacoma's small business owners trust Keep it Local x Tacoma with their growth needs.

Small Business Advocates, Activists & Architects.

Established in 2019, Keep It Local Tacoma was formed as a direct response to Seattle's ballooning gentrification and displacement of its diverse business districts. Today, KILT helps small business owners and non-profits nationwide to expand their capacity, earn more income, and scale their companies to new heights.

Vision & Mission

The Vision & Mission

Supporting inclusive micro-economies.

Keep It Local x Tacoma envisions building sustainable, circular, inclusive micro-economies across Tacoma to disrupt oppressive, disproportionate systems of power. 

We are committed to providing vital technical assistance and business consulting services at an equitable rate to reduce the barriers to business success—especially systemic barriers used to exploit marginalized communities for centuries. Every American citizen has a right to business ownership and the pursuit of the American dream.

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Core Virtues

This is what we value and how we provide value to you.

1. Save Time

Our agile entrepreneurship methodology prioritizes revenue-generating tasks, cutting excess charges and emphasizing speed.

3. Build Business

Our primary objective is to improve the condition of our client's businesses. We grow your business by expanding your company's capacity, bolstering your credibility, and increasing access to capital.

2. Save Money

We customize rates for every client to provide fair pricing. Our personalized approach guarantees exceptional quality while maximizing the value of your investment.

4. Build Community

Connecting with your target audience is essential for small business success. Our services are designed to build a community around your brand.

Core Values

King's Dream Team

The Neighborhood Business Builders.

Keep It Local Tacoma has consultants located throughout the United States. After conducting a rigorous interview process, team members are selected based on their technical expertise, professional achievements, and experience working with new and established small businesses. All members of Keep It Local Tacoma are successful entrepreneurs who have built their businesses from scratch.

Meet th team

Jawan Harris.

Founder, Principal Consultant

Born and raised in South Seattle, Jawan established King's Dream Business Consulting in 2019 as a response to the city's ballooning gentrification and displacement of its Communities of Color. Jawan's professional background comprises automated logistics earned serving in the Armed Forces, a decade of high-volume multi-location market management, territory sales management, and a degree in retail management from American Military University. Jawan's ethos: "To advance micro-economies by arming oppressed groups with financial freedom." In other words: The freedom to create jobs, develop social programs, own assets, build companies, spend more time with loved ones, maintain wellness, protect culture, determine your destiny, and live a meaningful dignified life.

Iris Oppong Headshot

Iris Oppong, MHA, PMP.

Project Coordinator

Iris is an enthusiastic and dedicated Project Manager with over 10 years of experience, bringing a wealth of expertise in project management and coordination, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. Having previously worked at Amazon, Providence, and Virginia Mason, Iris has honed skills in planning, scheduling, and stakeholder communication, making them adept at navigating complex project landscapes. Their keen attention to detail and proactive approach ensures that every project is executed with precision and efficiency. Iris holds an undergrad in Biochemistry, and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration with an emphasis on Process Improvement. Their passion for continuous learning and professional development drives them to stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices.


Tierra Bonds.

Certified Credit Consultant

Author of the Racial Wealth Gap article, Tierra, is the fearless CEO of Take Charge Credit Consulting, whose mission is to educate 100,000 individuals to leverage credit and entrepreneurship and reduce the wealth gap for women and minorities. Bond's credit repair workshops have been featured in Black Dot, Business Impact NW, GSBA, Seattle Public Library, Habitat for Humanity, and more. Watch Tierra speak on racial disparities in the credit system on Kiro 7.

Cellie Mayol.jpg

Cellie Mayol.

Small Business Consultant

Cellie seamlessly blends over two decades of expertise in business management, consulting, and coaching with an electrifying passion for transformation. Former CFO turned catalyst for change, Cellie doesn't just navigate the business landscape; she redefines it. Fuelled by a passion for empowering others, she serves as a guide, navigating and igniting profound shifts in mindset, behavior, and bottom lines. In her purpose as a compass, Cellie empowers individuals to reshape their mindsets, behaviors, and enterprises, fostering alignment with purpose and fulfillment. Through personalized coaching and consulting, she facilitates healing, expansion, and exponential growth, enabling clients to reach their utmost potential. Cellie's expertise spans a wide spectrum, including bespoke business consulting, QuickBooks, NLP, Positive Psychology, Data Analytics, and IT. With her unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication, Cellie Mayol continues to inspire, empower, and lead others towards transformative success.

Johnny Stevenson Headshot

Johnny Stevenson, MPA.

Financial Analyst

Johnny Stevenson Jr. is a native of Indianapolis, IN residing in Houston, TX. He holds a BA in Accounting from Kentucky State University, where he returned for an MPA in Human Resource Management. While at KSU he served as President of the Business Club and Junior Class Sergeant at Arms. He currently serves as Treasurer for the KSU National Alumni Association. Johnny enjoys uplifting others to new levels in life and is always willing to roll his sleeves up to help. His biggest achievement is being a dad to his children.

kings dream business consulting affordable business consulting and coaching in Seattle

Whitney Pelfrey.

Marketing Consultant

Whitney is an experienced creative professional with 15 years of experience in the world of business development. Her career began as an eager unpaid intern, where she absorbed every piece of knowledge and experience available to her and eventually led her to her current roles as Digital Marketing Director, Senior Creative Director, and, most importantly, a fellow Business Owner. Her grassroots strategy has involved her in nearly every facet of business development, allowing her to seamlessly blend creativity and innovation with strategic planning and analytics, finding home settled in the best of both worlds.

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Zaida Velazco, MBA.

Website Design & Developer

Product Designer, Zaida, specializes in UX/UI design, Front-End web development, and graphic design. Zaida has designed a fleet of mobile apps, websites, and branded graphics to help small and large clients own their digital space with creative yet functional designs that consider their unique objectives.


Kati Trejo, MGH.

Project Administrator

Kati possesses exceptional skills in the area of continual process improvement and management of administrative functions, from gathering client feedback to originating personalized financial reports to help stakeholders succeed. Kati's tireless efforts behind the scenes ensure that our systems operate optimally, allowing the team to provide the best possible service to local businesses in the community.

Anthony Parnell

Anthony Parnell.

Small Business Consultant

As owner of The Entrepreneurs Apex, Anthony works directly with Entrepreneurs and C.E.O.s from a broad range of industries to help them develop and implement strategies for increasing their company's revenue, profitability, and efficiency. This also includes developing business plans and investor proposals and guiding companies through successful start-ups and expansion.

kings dream business consulting affordable business consulting and coaching in Seattle

Mathew Heggem.

Small Business Consultant

Mathew Patrick Heggem (he/him) is the Founder & CEO of, a social enterprise whose mission is to help 10,000 creators achieve financial freedom through mentorship, training, and access to critical resources. As both an artist and entrepreneur, this work is personal. After surviving the life of a starving NYC artist and navigating through the world of small business, he created 10kCreators to share the lessons learned along that journey. CPA Practice Advisor has recognized him as a “20 Under 40” Superstar, was a featured speaker at conferences like QuickBooks Connect and XeroCon, and has published 30+ articles for the Accountex Report, SmartCEO, and He is an alumnus of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program and has eighteen years of experience in the accounting industry.

kings dream business consulting affordable business consulting and coaching in Seattle

Melanie Hartman, MBA.

Small Business Consultant

Melanie Hartman is a marketing, sales, and innovation-focused executive with 15 years experience. She has spent half of those years working in the corporate sector leading Fortune 100 brands in the digital landscape. The rest of her professional time has been spent working with small business owners to assist them in building strong digital foundations using growth marketing, sales enablement and innovative strategies. She holds an MBA in digital entrepreneurship.

kings dream business consulting affordable business consulting and coaching in Seattle

Alesha Faulkner.

Social Media Manager

Alesha is a savvy lifestyle and business content creator who has spent the last eight years honing her skillset across all leading social media platforms. Alesha has helped clients champion their social presence while reaching over 25,000 followers for her professional brand. Faulkner earned a Master's in Economics at the University of North Carolina.

Ebony Headshot.jpg

Ebony Ivey.

Marketing Consultant

Ebony brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the realm of marketing. As a graduate of Florida A&M University majoring in Public Relations, and with a background in multichannel and integrated marketing strategies, Ebony offers a unique blend of skills that allows her to create tailored solutions for her clients. She has held corporate marketing roles with several industry leading companies such as Discover Financial, DoorDash and the NBA. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Ebony has helped numerous small businesses elevate their online presence and achieve their marketing goals. She takes the time to listen to her clients' needs and goals, working closely with them to develop strategies that resonate with their target audience.

Mary Ma Headshot.jpg

Mary Ma, PhD.

Contract Writer/Consultant

As a seasoned social justice researcher, Mary brings over a decade of experiences of community development through economic restoration. As an immigrant woman of Asian descent, Mary has been passionate about racial equity and racial justice. She has worked as an advocate and leader in global nonprofit development addressing concentrated poverty and educational inequality among migrant or displaced communities in global cities. She holds a social science Ph.D. from Cornell University.


Akiera Davis, MBA, PMP.

Project Coordinator

Akiera is an experienced project manager and business consultant, with over 6 years of experience in advertising & IT project management, digital marketing and web data analysis. Her journey began with a fascination for the immense impact of marketing on our world. She has a bachelor's degree in integrated marketing communications and an MBA. After navigating diverse corporate roles, she discovered inefficiencies in processes, sparking her passion for crafting efficient workflows. Driven by empathy, simplicity, and creativity, Akiera believes in fostering spaces where entrepreneurial energy thrives and work processes aren't burdensome.

Tanya Headshot Nov 2020_edited.png

Tanya Rivera-Falcone.

Small Business Consultant

Tanya Rivera-Falcone is a distinguished business coach and leadership expert with over 17 years of experience in corporate sales, management, and marketing. She has generated over $120 million for Fortune 250 companies and influenced the growth of more than 500 professionals and entrepreneurs. As the founder of Massive Brand Consulting and the innovative sales and marketing software, Bossly, Tanya assists small businesses in devising effective marketing strategies, driving organizational efficiency, and building high-performance teams. Tanya is also a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and advocate against domestic violence.


Laurana Edwards.

Small Business Consultant

Laurana is a business consultant, coach, workshop facilitator and author. She works to further advance business goals for owners, corporations and not-for-profit organizations by providing management and marketing services and support. She holds a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) degree in Corporate Communications, as she attended Thomas Edison State College of New Jersey, Bernard M. Baruch College and New York City Technical College, where she obtained an Associate in Applied Science degree in Marketing Management and Sales. Ms. Edwards is also a certified Scrum Master and a Product Owner/Product Manager, under the body of knowledge, Scaled Agile Framework enterprises (SAFe).


Victor Garcia, SPHR. 

Human Resources Consultant

A dynamic and accomplished Human Resources leader with over ten years of experience, Victor Garcia aims to contribute to an organization's growth and success by spearheading innovative recruitment and HR initiatives, cultivating an inclusive and thriving workplace culture, and leveraging my expertise in talent management, HR compliance, and employee relations. As a passionate and seasoned HR professional, Victor possesses expertise in talent acquisition and retention, HR compliance, benefits administration, and performance management. Garcia's proficiency in designing and executing HR policies and procedures, forging robust relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, and adeptly handling employee relations challenges has consistently led to heightened employee satisfaction and engagement.

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Amina M.

Marketing Consultant

Amina is a content & performance marketing specialist with over a decade of experience in helping businesses of all sizes find their voice and position in the market through carefully crafted go-to-market and promotion strategies. She has worked with a variety of clientele including small mom-and-pop businesses and Fortune 500 companies.


Jasmin Plouffe.

Brand Designer & Strategist

Jasmin Plouffe helps businesses attract their dream customer with head turning branding design. From her training as a dancer to majoring in graphic design, she loves how visuals tell a story and create connection. Jasmin has experience in fashion, lifestyle, government legislations, non-profit, and professional services. While in the fashion industry, Jasmin felt like something was missing. So she made the leap into entrepreneurship. It's her goal to create branding that amplifies your personality and creates a cohesive experience. So that you feel confident, empowered, and excited to share your business with the world.


Samaria Johnson.

Content Writer

Samaria Johnson writes many things, hopefully none of which you consider boring. She loves taking complex information and breaking it down into engaging, understandable content. Samaria’s goal is to only use her words in ways that help make the world a better place.


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